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last updated 5 Mar 2013 

File Locater is a Windows version of the unix/linux locate and updatedb commands. It allows for fast searching of files through a pre-built index of all of the files on selected drives.

It is ideal for users who dislike Window's own search facility either because you don't like the performance hit you take when the indexer is running in the background or because you want to search all of your files and not just those that have been indexed and you want to search them quickly.

File Locater only performs searching by filename (not by content) but it allows you to use both glob and regular expressions to find the file you are after and fast.


Current status

The latest release of File Locater is 1.3 and is available for downloading from SourceForge.

Next milestone

The target is to release the next version of File Locater with the following changes: